The Fratergate AU

*Trigger Warning*

On Thursday, April 17, an anonymous source forwarded screenshots from Epsilon Iota's (EI) a Google Group thread to American University student media leaders and administration.
EI is an unrecognized fraternity at American University in Washington, D.C. The group lost their charter after an alleged date rape scandal in 2001, but continue to operate on our campus. They are known among the student body as dangerous- but they are only the catalyst.
These messages are evidence of rape culture. We are a movement to dispel it.
Yes, we seek disciplinary action (this is vague for a reason) to be taken against the members who clearly committed crimes. No, we do not want to ruin their futures. We want safety, not a witch hunt.
These images are being leaked to expose rape culture (which many still deny) and to pressure the university to take action. The more media coverage we get, the quicker they will act. We need better policies in place to reduce the amount of victims of rape culture.

*The screenshots have been censored to maintain anonymity. We do not endorse any source which releases the unredacted documents.*
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